About Us

Hello and welcome!

Welcome to FWPens.com, home of Farrell Woods. We're so excited to share our little pen box with you. I began crafting pens after watching and helping my uncle in his small Tennessee workshop-- after that, I was hooked! My wife laughs and actually had a tee-shirt made for me with my picture that I’ll turn “anything” into a pen-- it’s so true! I love crafting and creating something from the earth- making a treasured gift that will last a lifetime.

Next time you’re visiting an Indiana craft fair or festival stop by our Farrell Woods tent. Just listen for my lathe, or following the wood shavings-- we’d love to meet you!!!

 Take a peek around our little shop, you’ll notice we have several pens already designed and crafted but, the fun really starts when you design your own creation-- if you need some inspiration please feel free to contact us-- together we’ll create something truly special.

Thank you for visiting!